Looking Back and Forward – A Brief Overview

2013 was quite a year for us, one of the best in our nearly 37 year history.

We performed in a football stadium, hosted a hugely successful National Day of Dance smack in the middle of wonderful Shrewsbury, danced to neon flashing lights in a Flax Mill silo, performed at our home Folk Festival, got prodded by bayonets in Wellington, jigged with a Lego Brick on legs, entertained huge crowds in a Welsh castle, had great dance fun with a Mayor, froze and almost got trapped in Snowdonia, danced around Boycie at a Food Festival and enjoyed Morrismania at Upton on Severn, amongst many other great memories…….oh and a bodhran playing frog and a bright green Medusa came to our Christmas Ceilidh!

In addition, we have recruited a lot of lovely new people, seen our social media presence bloom to an extraordinary degree and just been sponsored for 2014 by Pipekit, a very forward thinking, family run local company which has truly embraced the Morris ethos.

Exciting times!

So, we emerge into a New Year buzzing with anticipation about what’s to come and with a flood of dance requests from all over the country to work through and consider…….more recruiting evenings……an AGM (OK, not so good)……a pantomime……some charity stuff……and lots of other potentially great things.

We are still always looking for new members, we’re in training now (Sundorne School, Shrewsbury, most Thurs nights, 8pm) and you (yes you, the one reading this) could be the next person we recruit.

So, if you like fun, laughter, friendship and can move about a bit, (no experience necessary) the chances are we can turn you into a Morris Dancer.

Call us on 07799 408297 and join us in 2014 for a season of FUN!!