Shropshire County Show 2024

Once again the sun came out to play – as did we – and a fabulous day was had by all! The Bull and Pump Morris Men were so energetic they managed to jump out of the top of the picture while the Shrewsbury Lasses danced around in circles of excitement!

On Saturday 1st June we are off to Ossett in West Yorkshire to take part in the famous Ossett Beercart – a weekend of Morris dancing and family fun. We shall, of course, be happy to assist with hauling the Beercart before we set off in search of tea and cake – and somewhere to dance!

LOOPFEST24 – May the Fourth was with us!!

We may have mentioned in the past that the sun always shines on Shrewsbury Morris!! AND – today it did again – whoop whoop

We danced three fabulous spots between Noon and 2pm to the most appreciative Shrewsbury audiences.

We were able to showcase a couple of new dances that we have been working on over the winter break much to the delight of all present – dancers and audience alike!

Don’t miss us on Saturday 25th May at the Shropshire County Show, Berwick Showground.

Spring in the Park has Sprung with Shrewsbury Morris!

A great start to the dancing year today at Telford Town Park where we heralded in the celebrations for the upcoming St George’s Day on Tuesday.

As you would expect of Shrewsbury Morris, we not only brought our happy smiling faces and our extensive dance repertoire, but also a well-earned dose of lovely sunshine.

Don’t forget to come and see us dance in Shrewsbury Square – Midday on Saturday 4th May at LOOPFEST24.

2024 looms large and lovely!

Shrewsbury Morris have started 2024 with some excellent Thursday evening practices as well as weekend ‘Bootcamp’ sessions where we have worked on some fabulous new dances. We are now looking forward to dancing out throughout 2024 and have already posted our current programme of events for the season on the Diary page. There will be more to come but it is already looking like an exciting programme. Do come along and see us at some of these events and don’t forget to wander over to say hi – we don’t bite!

Next Generation Fair at Craven Arms – 20th May 2023

Our next stop was the Next Generation Fair held in a positively tropical Craven Arms.
This was a lovingly put together event whose charm deserved a few more people to attend. Maybe next year?

A pretty big Shrewsbury Morris team did a good job in the sun and all four facets of the team, (Mixed, Clog, Lasses and Men) had fun over two spots. The odd football or bike sometimes wafted into the dance space but these were neatly side-stepped by some fancy footwork.

The music was great as always and some of the smaller members of the crowd seemed to enjoy “joining in” from the side-lines too. 

Perton Carnival – 1 May, 2023

The sunniest and warmest Monday of the early May Bank Holiday weekend saw us dance at Perton in Staffordshire for their carnival.

(Whomever said ” the sun always shines on Morris dancing” was absolutely right) It was our second year at the carnival and again, large and generous crowds came out to watch and support us on May Day. Placing us next to the huge Bratwurst stall may have been a mistake but the team managed it, concentrating on the dancing admirably. We danced three separate spots and it looks as though the Winter training and hard work is indeed paying off. Next stop Malpas and the Coronation weekend!