The Busk Blog

So, the new dance season is beckoning her handkerchief bound finger and our 2014 so far sees us with a brand new sponsor, (Pipekit….brilliant local company…..lovely folk… make amazing things to help industry and people…..loving them!!), brand new dancers, some new dances to perform and a whole truckload of excitement coming your way as Shrewsbury Morris get ready to kick off our programme.

This begins with us being part of the second Big Busk in Shrewsbury town centre on Sat April 5th in aid of The Shrewsbury Ark. This will be a day when Shrewsbury fills with all sorts of wonderful music (and some dancing from ours truly) which should rival last year’s event for fun, colour and diversity.

At the time of going to blog we don’t have the exact programme for the day but we will publish details on here, Twitter and FB as the event gets nearer (but don’t bet on us NOT being in Shrewsbury Square at some point!)

To publicise the day we took part in a Shropshire Star photoshoot at Music Bros in Rous Hill a week ago, organised by The Big Busk guardians Karen Higgins and Annemarie Bebbington. This turned out to be really fun as the event had to be kept secret because of all the groupies and fans who were roaming Shrewsbury, their faces glued to their mobile phone screens trying to find out where Julia and I were going to be. This proved an exhausting and extremely stressful time as we had to hide in………..OK, reality check!!…….they were possibly more likely to have been looking for young Birmingham rapper and rising star Leo Goldenchild who is also taking part in The Big Busk and whom we met at the photoshoot along with singer/songwriter Nikki Rous.

What a thoroughly nice group of people they were and we look forward to catching up with them at the event in April.

So, for a good day out, some diverse (and free) musical entertainment covering opera to ukelele bands….and of course us….come and join in The Big Busk on Saturday April 5th, help a good cause and have some fun!

Because we will…:))