Shrewsbury Flower Show

It had been a long time since Shrewsbury Morris Dancers had danced for The Shrewsbury Flower Show but the years were rolled (or should that be danced?) back on the 13th August, 2022 as the team, many of whom had been in that previous Morris incarnation, took their place in Quarry Park, just across the river from the Pengwern Rowing Clubhouse (a former training venue for the team).

On yet another hottest day of the century, Shrewsbury Lasses, Shrewsbury Bull and Pump Morris Men and Shrewsbury Clog danced their way through two 45 minute spots in front of enthusiastic and appreciative audiences, interspersed with copious water swigging, liberal applications of sun cream and much towelling down!

A large part of the team repertoire was danced, giving the crowd a good and interesting example of what we can do. A great deal of interest was generated and many very positive comments were heard. All in all a super day, a fabulous effort by all team members in very hot circumstances and, most importantly, a sense of humour was maintained by everyone.

Now, where did I put that sunburn treatment?…….

Revs, Rain and Rants

In the midst of a record-breaking month for hot weather here in the UK, there is always room for one, predictable, thoroughly wet and rainy day.

So it was on Sunday 24th July 2022 when Shrewsbury Morris turned up at the delightful Abbey Station in Shrewsbury, opposite Shrewsbury Abbey, to dance for the Motorcycling Heritage Exhibition and Meet. We didn’t quite know what to expect but as the smell of engine oil, exhausts and motorbike fumes mixed with the aroma of burgers and coffee we could tell we were amongst friends!

It was but a short, 30 minute dance spot with a small team but sometimes less is more and our dancers did really well, dancing in a smallish area against a colourful and sometimes noisy backdrop of biking enthusiasts.

An endless supply of tea and coffee was a great help and………as per usual with Shrewsbury Morris…….the rain stopped, just as the first musical notes issued forth from Rays’ melodeon!

A mini dance break ensued after this event as many of the team made their way to Sidmouth Folk Festival.  Thanks to Amanda Mullins and her biker crew for inviting us and keeping us supplied with much needed fluids.