2024 looms large and lovely!

Shrewsbury Morris have started 2024 with some excellent Thursday evening practices as well as weekend ‘Bootcamp’ sessions where we have worked on some fabulous new dances. We are now looking forward to dancing out throughout 2024 and have already posted our current programme of events for the season on the Diary page. There will be more to come but it is already looking like an exciting programme. Do come along and see us at some of these events and don’t forget to wander over to say hi – we don’t bite!

Next Generation Fair at Craven Arms – 20th May 2023

Our next stop was the Next Generation Fair held in a positively tropical Craven Arms.
This was a lovingly put together event whose charm deserved a few more people to attend. Maybe next year?

A pretty big Shrewsbury Morris team did a good job in the sun and all four facets of the team, (Mixed, Clog, Lasses and Men) had fun over two spots. The odd football or bike sometimes wafted into the dance space but these were neatly side-stepped by some fancy footwork.

The music was great as always and some of the smaller members of the crowd seemed to enjoy “joining in” from the side-lines too. 

Perton Carnival – 1 May, 2023

The sunniest and warmest Monday of the early May Bank Holiday weekend saw us dance at Perton in Staffordshire for their carnival.

(Whomever said ” the sun always shines on Morris dancing” was absolutely right) It was our second year at the carnival and again, large and generous crowds came out to watch and support us on May Day. Placing us next to the huge Bratwurst stall may have been a mistake but the team managed it, concentrating on the dancing admirably. We danced three separate spots and it looks as though the Winter training and hard work is indeed paying off. Next stop Malpas and the Coronation weekend!

St George’s Day Celebration – Newport

2023 dancing got off to a splendid start with the annual re-enaction of the ‘spat’ between the Dragon and St George which, legend has it, took place in Shropshire’s very own Newport. We were all relieved to see that St George was successful and the Dragon was very definitely slain!

We turned out in full regalia and were delighted to show a range from our repertoire of Mixed, Clog, Lasses and Men’s dances.

Despite prophecies of doom from the Met. Office the weather was kind to us and a wonderful (dry) time was had by all. Unbeknownst to those spectating, this was the first public dance out for two of our number so huge congratulations go to Jacqui and Rebecca for an excellent start to their Morris Dancing careers.

Credit is also due to our intrepid band of wonderful musicians for keeping us in time as well as to how light the men seem to have become over the winter in order to be able to float serenely in the air!!!


Our brave and intrepid visitors contributed enthusiastically to an excellent evening of fun and instruction during which they were introduced to a ‘potted’ history of Shrewsbury Morris and its several parts following which they went on to learn, and perform, 3 dances – with great aplomb!! Well done to you all, please come back for more of the same!

It seemed only right that they should be rewarded with a generous offering of cake!!

The Queen’s Baton Relay – 18th July, 2022


All three came together on the hottest day of the year, Monday 18th July in Quarry Park, Shrewsbury as Shrewsbury Morris Dancers fulfilled a commitment to support the passing of The Queen’s Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games through the Town of Shrewsbury.

Careful planning and not a little hanging around in the heat over a long period by the Giant-builders saw Septimus the Cobbler put together in all his glory by the late afternoon as other team members arrived by the Hercules statue on a VERY warm night.

Thankfully there was a lot of shade from the trees as the team commenced their mixed dance programme. Enthusiastic, but carefully measured, dancing saw no casualties and a very well performed series from our repertoire.

After a short wait (and some pretty nifty flag putting together in between) the baton was seen progressing down The Severn by boat and the baton parade began to perform by the river landing stage. Thanks to our super musicians there was a very musical element to the parade as it wended its way through The Quarry, the baton carried proudly by people chosen for having performed good community/charity work.

Richard (expert giant carrier) was carefully inserted into Septimus and joined the parade where the team had danced, before leading it up to the Quarry gates and down across the park paths until it reached the Main Stage where the baton was fixed into position and numerous stories of good works were heard by the very substantial crowd that had gathered.

All in all, a really lovely evening of dance, fun, cooperation, music and community togetherness……and all in the middle of a record heatwave.

Well done Ray and Bev, well done Richard and well done Shrewsbury Morris Dancers!

Sunday 17th July, 2022 – Severn Hospice Open Gardens Event

A heatwave and Covid were the would-be foilers of this lovely Shrewsbury event but, as usual, Shrewsbury Morris Dancers turned up trumps yet again, putting on a fine display of mixed dancing and clogging in the sun.

Severn Hospice had clearly gone to great lengths to put on a super event which ranged all over the estate and gardens with lots of visitors braving the heat to help raise money.

All the dancers came prepared with water, hats and sunscreen whilst ensuring sensible rest periods were the order of the day.

The music was super, the dancing enthusiastic (and good) and the idea of dancing right next to an ice cream van was a stroke of genius!

This was to be the first of a busy two days for us……as the next blog will show.